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12 Pack of Camel Milk

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Your 12 pack of Camel Milk will include 12-16 oz bottles of pasteurized camel milk.  If delivery time is more than 2 days, your camel milk will be delivered as frozen.  Our camel milk is gently pasteurized, pasture raised whole camel milk contains all the fresh and is a 100% natural.
Its natural non-homogenized fresh taste is preserved with an exceptional flavor. The special taste comes from the sweet grasses covering our farms.  Best yet no artificial additives whatsoever! Our camel milk is fresh, tasty, and good for you.
Our Guarantee: Nothing added, Nothing removed.
Our camels are fed non-feed and treated with the utmost care by professional farmers with decades of livestock experience.  We inspect the farm on a quarterly.
See label for nutritional information.