Shipping Information

Quick Highlight:  All of our shipping originates from Missouri and is done on Monday and Wednesday via UPS unless customer pays for a different service. If you are shipping to the West Coast (California or Washington etc) or North East (Massachusetts etc), please try order on Mondays for delivery by Friday.


Below is the UPS Shipping Map.


Again, all shipments are done on either Monday or Wednesday due to work load between milking the camels and processing shipments. We have a contract with UPS and we want to share the shipping savings with benefit of the customer.  We have negotiated the best possible terms with UPS in order to pass the savings to the customers.  If there is a question or issue with shipping, customers should contact our customer service.  All of our shipments come from Missouri, meaning customers on either the West Coast or East Coast will be shipped frozen product in order to preserve the milk for consumption.  Please be aware of when you  order.